Dressed Sharply MTV video premiere

Mar 24 2011

Hey friends

How are you? We are both well. We are really enjoying playing new songs and we hope you have liked what you have seen so far if you have a caught a recent show. Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us play at SXSW in Austin. There are so many bands playing it’s a miracle anyone gets to see anything. Personally I just want to find a dark corner and cover my ears with my hands and rock back and forth. Not you guys! No way! You came to our shows and were awesome!

We made a new video for new song Dressed Sharply in New York City recently with director Alan Ortiz. It has been selected to be a part of MTV’s Indie Music Month. MTV2 and mtvU are premiering the video starting at 6pm TONIGHT! That’s Thursday, March 24. Make sure you tune in. I want to tell you to set your VCR’s but most people don’t do that anymore. I think most people record TV digitally or something like that. My TV is only hooked up to my DVD player. That’s as technical as I get. However, if I did have a TV that showed TV I would watch it. You can watch the video online now HERE >

Also, if you pre-order our new album WALLS now from anhorse.com you will instantly get Dressed Sharply and 2 other album songs delivered to your inbox!

If you haven’t already seen our tour page it is growing like a teenager. We have added a whole stack of US dates and there are more to be added. If you live in the New York City area don’t forget we are officially launching WALLS on April 26th at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. The entire Album Launch show will also be streaming live on the web via Livestream. RSVP HERE > The rest of our US dates and ticket links are HERE >

We are also really excited to be playing a few shows around Bamboozle with the Alkaline Trio and heading out on a run of dates with Manchester Orchestra. At all the shows from April 26th we will be selling our new record and we will have a stack of new merch. Speaking of new merch, a couple of new items have been added to our online merch store. Check it out.

AUSTRALIA!!! WALLS is going to be released on Shock Records on April 29. Finally my Dad can take Rearrange Beds out of his car stereo! Stay tuned for more exciting news for our homeland.

Germany!!! We are headed your way soon to play a bunch of headline dates in April! ALSO We are also really excited to announce that this year we are playing the Southside and Hurricane festivals alongside some amazing bands like Arcade Fire, Jimmy Eat World, Bright Eyes, Warpaint and many, many more. Don’t forget if you live in Germany you can pre-order WALLS HERE >

Planet Earth is on the TV in the hotel room and because of that this took me a long time to write. Those camels eat so much snow!!!



Mar 19 2011

An Horse are playing a couple of songs today for SXSW4Japan. They go on at 12:30pm CST. Also playing are Michael Stipe, HANSON and many more. Watch here and donate!

An Horse on Southside and Hurricane festivals

Mar 17 2011

An Horse are playing Germany’s Southside and Hurricane festivals in June with Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Warpaint and lots more. Tickets on sale now! Details HERE >

New US May headline shows

Mar 15 2011

A bunch of US headline shows have just been added for May. Many are All Ages! All info HERE >

Will their Majesties be staying for dinner?

Mar 08 2011


How are you guys? There is so much going on it’s hard to keep up. For example right now I am boiling the kettle and brushing my teeth and half typing this….That was silly. I can’t type and brush my teeth.

Yesterday SPIN premiered the new single from our new album WALLS. It’s called Dressed Sharply. Go here to have a listen. We hope you like it. We sure like it. Also if you are one of the amazing people who have pre-ordered the album you will receive the song in your inbox.

We are playing a very special WALLS Album Launch show on our release date of April 26 in Brooklyn, NY at the Knitting Factory with special guest Nik Freitas. It’s All Ages and tickets are on sale now HERE > The entire Album Launch show will also be streaming live on the web via Livestream. Celebrate with us and watch the show wherever you are in the world! RSVP HERE >

In other exciting news, we are doing a run of dates with a band we really love, Manchester Orchestra. These shows will be great. Manchester Orchestra have a new record coming out and their new single is killer. We will have our record out by the time we do these shows and we hope you think that is killer too. Check out the dates and get in quick. I think the shows are selling fast!..

2 – The Beaumont Club – Kansas City, MO
3 – The Pageant – St Louis, MO
4 – Metro – Chicago, IL
6 – Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
7 – Water Street Music Hall – Rochester, NY
13 – Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel – Providence, RI
16 – The Mod Club Theatre – Toronto, ON

More info and tickets HERE >

Don’t forget we have a bunch more shows on sale, both headlining and with Kevin Devine, Alkaline Trio and Biffy Clyro. And also don’t forget we are playing SXSW again this year! AND Germany headline tour in April. All info and tickets HERE >

Canada, oh Canada, you will also get WALLS on April 26! How exciting. Australia and the rest of the world, please be patient!! It’s coming! In the meantime you can pre-order our new record and get a bunch of cool stuff HERE >

And if you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland pre-order HERE >

Thanks for responding to us on Facebook regarding this blog! Your questions are awesome and funny. First of all, if you ask us if we are coming to your town, we can’t confirm or deny if we are BUT please know, we are doing are best to get everywhere. The world is very large and we are quite small so it does take time. We will do out best.

In short form (please refer to Facebook q’s and in no particular order): Yes, I like cheese; No I have never kept a kangaroo or koala as a pet. My friend had a pet kangaroo growing up and it often puncture her parents water bed (it was the 80′s) with its claws; As for an afternoon snack, anything that involves Jatz and Vegemite or say BBQ shapes or simply chocolate; WALLS is just overall way better than Rearrange Beds; Right now I am reading lots of Raymond Carver, but he is a bit of a bummer to read; I loved The King’s Speech. Geoffry Rush should have won the oscar. OH and Animal Kingdom!!! If you haven’t seen that go and get it out!!!!!!!!! Amazing and brutal insight into an awful Australian family.  Jacki Weaver SHOULD HAVE WON BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. Damon told me he loved Blue Valentine. I didn’t want to see it because I thought it would bum me out but I loved it; Top 5 albums of all time is just too hard to answer; I have never really watched any reality tv and I don’t plan to start; I have ridden a horse many times. I can’t say I am really into it but I know a lot of people who are; It’s hard to choose a favourite track from Thriller but please know I did sit here and think about it!

I have to get back to band practice! See you soon.