Germany, Austria and Switzerland WALLS release date rescheduled

Apr 28 2011

Germany, Austria and Switzerland we are so very sorry!

Due to a massive manufacturing glitch our new album WALLS will not be out today, April 29 as scheduled. We are on tour in the US right now and just found out about this from our German label right now. The CDs all came back from manufacturing with the wrong booklet inserted! Here’s the proof.

For those of you who were awesome enough to pre-order, all deliveries for WALLS CDs are rescheduled to May 13.

The album will be out digitally today and vinyl will also be available today through the Grand Hotel van Cleef store HERE >

Again we are really sorry, but it’s one of those things that is completely out of our hands.
Thanks so much for being there for us and see you in June for Hurricane and Southside Festivals and more!

Take care and thanks again.

Damon & Kate.

An Horse on Lollapalooza

Apr 27 2011

An Horse play Lollapalooza 2011. August 5-7 in Chicago. Stay tuned for playing date and time. Tickets on sale now HERE >

Our new album WALLS is out today!

Apr 26 2011

So I am sitting here in a hotel room trying to think of something to write about our new record being released tomorrow. (TODAY!) It’s hard to concentrate because some wild river man is trying to catch some large fish. It’s blowing my mind. So is releasing a second record. I haven’t actually really sat down and thought about it til now. Maybe I am half watching the TV because if I focus completely on the fact we have a new record being released to the world tomorrow, (TODAY) my mind will explode.

WOAH this fish has fangs.

Okay so not only is our second record coming out tomorrow, (TODAY!) ‘Dressed Sharply’ is Single Of The Week on iTunes in the US! Go HERE >

Listen, watch, download. Tell your friends and your parents.

You want more news? We have it. This is better than an infomercial OR a fish with fangs. We are very excited to let you know that this year we are playing Lollapalooza in Chicago August 5-7. This year is going to be amazing and we are so excited to play. Hopefully we will see you there, if we don’t see you at some of our shows before then. We have many shows coming up in the US, Australia, Canada, and Germany. All details HERE >

Damon and I have seen that some of you who pre-ordered the record have already received it. Thank you for letting us know, thank you for listening, and thank you for your kind words and awesome photos. It’s a very strange thing this business of making records. Damon and I make music because we love doing it. When we see how excited you guys are to hear what we make we are reminded how lucky we are!

And finally to keep you in the loop, today (YESTERDAY!) we caught a plane and I didn’t wear a face mask. It was a short trip and there were very few to no people spluttering or coughing up teeth in the bathroom. This may or may not be due to the fact that although the trip was short it was very rough and we were told to remain seated the entire time. Part of me wants to believe that it was the fear of flying that prevented the usual germ fest.

Let us know what you think of our new record! Sail safe with us.


WALLS out today in North America / Dressed Sharply US itunes Single Of The Week

Apr 26 2011

The new album WALLS from An Horse is out today, April 26 in North America. First single ‘Dressed Sharply’ is Single Of The Week this week on US itunes. Check it out HERE >

Facebook ‘Like to Watch’

Apr 25 2011

Like the An Horse facebook page to watch the premiere of ‘Dressed Sharply’ live from Berlin! HERE >

Current An Horse facebook fans have the option to watch straight away of course.